Lunch Money

LunchMoney-siteWhen children are no longer hungry, they are healthier and far more able to focus on learning, both in and out of the classroom. Our original purpose at HOW was to feed the kids and we have done so–but it’s a month-by-month endeavor. We’d like to secure the lunch program so that we can turn more attention to other projects (medicine, vocational programs, supplies, etc.)

Here is our challenge to you:

Help us find 240 people willing to give $5 each month to feed the entire school.  That’s just $60 a year!

Step 1:  For more details about the program, check here.

Step 2:  Click the donate button (right side of this page) and enter a recurring donation for $5 or a one time donation of $60.  (Less paypal fees with a one time donation, so more of your money goes to the lunch program!)

Step 3:  Share this page with your friends! Challenge them to save their change, skip a latte or a lunch out once a month!

Thank you!