Current Projects

Check out the projects we’re currently focusing on:

Lunch Program

foodOur most basic commitment to HOW School in Haiti is to feed the children and staff one hot meal each day. For many of these kids, it is their only meal of the day. Meeting this physical need gives them a much needed foundation, allowing learning to take place. A $50 donation feeds the entire school for one day. As the school year gets under way in October, we’re starting to focus again on meeting the nutritional needs of the students. Read more about the school lunch program and consider a donation to make a huge impact on the lives, learning and health of these children.


Each Spring and Fall, we send a shipment of needed items to the school via ocean freight. We have sent cardboard for the bead project, computers, printers, furniture and other bulky items that are difficult to source locally and/or impossible to carry with us on trips. It’s a perfect time to send any of the things on our Amazon Wish List or other donated items, like books for the new library. We’re currently collecting for our fall shipment and will continue to do so throughout the fall and early winter months.

A Reliable Water Source

We’re currently investigating ways to create a healthy and more reliable water situation at the school. At present, water is caught in a cistern and when the cistern is low a treacherous mountainous trek is needed to the closest reliable water source, a place called Dlo Bouke or “tired water” to carry back buckets of water for use at the school. Check out this facebook album with descriptions alongside the pictures of the school’s current situation. We’ve made great progress toward a solution for the school, and one that will benefit our neighbors as well. What do we still need?