Lunch Program

heart-of-worship-lunch-programHeart of Worship Ministries, Inc. began providing school lunches for HOW School in December 2011, during their second academic year. The Lord has mercifully and consistently responded to prayer and food has been provided, month-by-month.

Beginning in February 2013, HOW Ministries has partnered with Trinity/HOPE from Franklin, TN, whose sole mission is to manage a lunch program for schools in Haiti. They have been actively serving for 15 years and now oversee 90 schools on the island. HOW Ministries will still be responsible for the cost of the program but Trinity/HOPE oversees purchasing, distributing, and accounting for the lunch meals. With nutrition standards approved by Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, the foods provided by the program include rice and beans with the traditional Haitian red sauce, fish, and cornmeal.
Certain necessary items, such as charcoal, spices, and cleaning soap/detergent are not included in the Trinity/HOPE program and supplementation is needed. We provide funding for those items alongside the lunch program. HOW School has also planted a garden and grows a variety of vegetables, increasing both the amount and the nutritional basis of the meals.

“But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.” 1 Timothy 6:8

Hi Carolyn,

Today I am thankful for you. For all you do to feed the children at HOW school lunch every school day. Of all the children we saw on our medical trip (over 800) the children at HOW school were the healthiest. We think that is because of what you do, providing food for them.

Because they are receiving at least one good meal a day they don’t have the associated health issues with malnutrition that other children in Haiti suffer from and they can learn better and retain more each day. Their future is brighter because of you and all the people who help you in your cause.

Thank you for making such a profound difference for children in Haiti.

Annie Blackstone, Sionfonds, November 22, 2012