Ministry Trips

malloryTrips to visit HOW School in Haiti are offered twice each year.

The winter trip is scheduled in January or February with a priority to avoid Carnival time (when the airport and traffic is crazier than usual). During this trip, school is in session and so the goal is to observe classes, the Lunch Program, provide support and appreciation to the teachers and interact with the children in various ways. Activities might include lesson sharing, demonstrations of materials/supplies, property beautification, building, basic carpentry or other work projects.

The summer trip is held in July and/or August and is a week-long camp, not unlike a vacation bible school. Open to HOW students and children from a neighboring church in a nearby community, these children stay at the schoolhouse overnight for the duration of our trip. This is a precious time of friendships forming and strengthening, the sharing of the gospel, Bible verses, songs, crafts, games, and other activities that create sweet memories and foster a sense of belonging to the family of God, growing in Christlike love for one another.

If you are interested in finding out more information about participating in a trip, send us a message, we’d love to discuss it with you! You can also read our ministry trip FAQ.

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